artbook / chairs

The Leporello contains the photos of partially destroyed “street chairs" still in use in Georgia and clearly describes the difficult social and cultural situation in the post-Soviet country. The turmoil of our country and the resulting emotional situation of our generation are a very personal motivation for this project. The journey through Georgia and the collected photos allowed us to artistically approach this problem.

The Leporello shows seating options for a wide variety of uses, functions, conditions, shapes, and designs, some of which have been renovated, burnt, broken, distributed, merged with other chairs, converted, or rehabilitated. Some are even tied together by clothing, scraps of fabric, locks, or cables.

How did people design their surroundings and how much creativity do they use to create something practical for their lives from nothing that forms spaces for encounters? The funny productions show us the poverty that does not prevent people from interacting playfully and creatively with their environment.

The photos were taken in 2014-2019 by Elisabed Zautashvili and Nato Bagrationi with different cameras on the streets of Georgia. Georgian and English font for cover was designed by Studio.

Only three hard copy versions were printed 2019